Ensure accurate material genealogy at every stage of production

Performix xMES gives Life Science manufacturers a rapidly deployable, no-code, modular system that can streamline their production processes at a fraction of the time it takes for other MES solutions.


Weighing and dispensing errors — which can arise from batch issues, material variability, errors in material additions, and specification deviation — can be the main sources of poor production efficiency and quality. These need to be addressed specifically at this time when manufacturers are struggling to cut costs to maintain profit margins and remain competitive in the face of stiff competition from generics, rising production requirements, and unprecedented global demand.


Digitally track and verify weigh and dispense processes and get the following benefits:

Track raw, intermediate, finished goods

Warehouse-to-dispensary coverage

Reduced variability

Minimized operator error

Accurate material genealogy

Increased production efficiency

Improved compliance

Increased documentation accuracy

Rapid, no-code deployment thanks to the Performix xMES modular platform

Platform Differentiators

The Performix xMES platform is designed from the ground up to provide manufacturers with modular solutions that can stack together and integrate seamlessly with their existing ERP system. It is a no-code solution that requires no programming knowledge to deploy — eliminating delays and giving accelerated ROI.

The Performix xMES platform advantage:

No-code deployment

Fast time to go-live

Light application footprint

Mobile ready, intuitive UI

Subscription-based pricing

Out-of-the-box ERP integration

Weigh and Dispense

Strengthen Compliance & Optimize Weigh & Dispense Process


Performix Digital Batch Execution Components

xMES Weigh & Dispense

Performix xMES Weigh & Dispense gives you a single version of truth for recipes, master batch records, and procedures.

  • Paperless weigh & dispense
  • Label & container management
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Multiple weigh methods & calibration procedures
  • Potency calculations
  • Integration with multiple scales

xMES Analytics & Reporting

Performix xMES Analytics & Reporting leverages all the data that is generated during the process of execution and produces more than 40 Analytics reports to give you insights into the performance of a single batch, and across batches.

  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements with ease and efficiency
  • Enable fast, data-driven management decision making
  • Obtain actionable insights for increasing productivity, efficiency, and quality
  • Out of the box compliance reports for
    • Production events
    • Materials
    • Equipments
    • Exceptions
    • User actions

Case Study

Weigh & Dispense

The customer is a leading global healthcare supplier that develops, manufactures and distributes over the counter (OTC) and prescription pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, infant formulas…

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