Accelerate innovation while improving quality and consistency

The cosmetics industry is highly competitive, with large manufacturers striving to strike a balance between maintaining consistency and driving innovation even as they keep an eye on aggressive new players with disruptive new business models.

Performix understands the pressures being faced by cosmetics manufacturers, and remains committed to helping them solve their biggest production challenges:

Product innovation without process disruption.

Performix xMES Recipe Authoring and xMES Electronic Batch Recording are designed for continuous product innovation, and ensure that the latest MBR/Procedure is automatically leveraged and executed, across design, planning, and execution systems.

Production efficiency

Performix xMES Electronic Batch Recording is designed to improve operational efficiency by streamlining the process of receiving a new process order, executing it on the shop floor, and posting every critical process parameter, in real time. It is designed to eliminate operator error and ad-hoc decision making, through a unique graphical user interface, which presents only the current work instruction to the operator. This allows the operator to focus on the task at hand without worrying about what happened, and what is yet to come.

Compliance Documentation and Audit trail

Performix xMES Electronic Batch Recording combined with xMES Quality & Compliance produces all the documentation and audit trail required by regulatory authorities, including an Electronic Batch Record (EBR).

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