Digitize non-production procedures, with our Connected Worker solutions

Performix xMES Digital Procedures solution allows customers to eliminate paper in execution of non-production procedures like cleaning, sterilization, calibration, and maintenance.


Batch manufacturing has critical dependence on the equipment being in top condition, all critical control parameters logged at the right time, and all regulatory procedures followed. Unlike production which is a centralized activity, these non-production activities can happen anywhere, including the field, near remote equipment, and at times even in production offices. It is critical that these activities be carried out on time, and with accurate data, and that the results are relayed back to a central system without delay and errors. Paper based processes present significant challenges in achieving these objectives.


Digitizing non-production procedures not only improve their efficiency and accuracy, but also make the people executing them 'Connected Workers'. They carry out the activity in full cadence with the equipment parameters, planned schedule of activities, and with full validation and error checking. Moreover, the result of the activity is instantly synchronized with a central system, making those results available for dependent production activities.

Paperless manufacturing

Real-time visibility

Monitor, track, and trace

Connected enterprise

Full traceability & compliance

Increased production efficiency

Eliminate data silos

Smart Factory transformation

Rapid, no-code deployment thanks to the Performix xMES modular platform

Platform Differentiators

Performix Digital Procedures module is designed for ease of use. It provide a rich drag-and-drop user interface for configuring highly complex procedures with either a sequence or a network of steps. Individual steps of the procedures are templatized so that a small number of steps can be reused hundreds of time to build complex procedures. Performix Digital Procedures module comes with a library of commonly used steps, making it easy for our customers to start configuring procedures right out of the box.

The Performix xMES platform advantage:

No-Code deployment

Fast time-to-go-live

Small application footprint

Intuitive, Mobile-Ready UI

Subscription based pricing

Out of the box ERP Integration

Digital Procedures

Increase accuracy and efficiency of non-production activities, with our Connected Worker solutions.


Performix Digital Procedures components

Digital Procedures Authoring

  • Sequential and networked procedures with parallel activities
  • Library of procedure step templates for rapid digitization of paper procedures
  • Connection of procedures to equipment types. The same procedure is automatically applied to all equipment of that type.
  • Full control over end user experience with template configuration
  • Integrated lifecycle management workflow for building, reviewing, approving, releasing, and retiring procedures.
  • Full version control of procedures, with audit trail of changes.

Digital Procedure Execution

  • Highly intuitive user interface to provide guided execution of procedures.
  • Guaranteed compliance to procedures.
  • Validated audit trail using 21 CFR part 11 compliant electronic signatures
  • Execution of procedures based on time (cyclic), based on events, or manually triggered.
  • Integrated logbook for capturing data during procedure execution.
  • Instant synchronization of captured values with central systems, for use in reports and analytics dashboards.
  • True Connected Worker solution. Real time connection with machines and IT Systems during procedure execution.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Power BI based dashboards for visualization of critical parameters
  • Audit trail of procedure execution

Case Study

Digital Logbook

A global generic pharmaceutical manufacturing company with products in therapeutic areas like Cardiology, HIV, Oncology, Gynaecology, Diabetes, Nephrology and Analgesics…

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