Eliminate paper-based procedures to streamline production and ensure compliance

Performix eLogbook solution help customers eliminate paper logbooks, and make information available for analysis, the instant it is created.


Manual, paper-based procedures are both inefficient and error-prone. They have no place in a tightly regulated industry with a keen focus on improving production efficiency, accuracy, and product purity. Just a single paper-based process can be the weak link in an otherwise high-performing facility, creating “silos of automation” that hamper efficiency and transparency, opening the door to regulatory and compliance risk.


Transform paper-based processes into Digital Procedures and get the following benefits:

Paperless manufacturing

Real-time visibility

Monitor, track, and trace

Connected Worker

Full traceability & compliance

Increased production efficiency

Eliminate data silos

Smart Factory transformation

Rapid, no-code deployment thanks to the Performix xMES modular platform

Platform Differentiators

The Performix xMES platform is designed from the ground up to provide manufacturers with modular solutions that can stack together and integrate seamlessly with their existing ERP system. It is a no-code solution that requires no programming knowledge to deploy — eliminating delays and giving accelerated ROI.

The Performix xMES platform advantage:

No-code deployment

Fast time to go-live

Light application footprint

Mobile ready, intuitive UI

Subscription-based pricing

Out-of-the-box ERP integration

Digital Logbook

Go paperless, Enforce Compliance and Accelerate Digital Transformation


Performix Digital Logbook components

Digital Logbook Execution

  • Adhoc logbook entry at any stage of the process
  • Timed logbook entry with automatic prompts for set intervals
  • Instant validation of entered values with set limits and data types
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance with multi-level electronic signatures
  • Out of the box reports for each logbook

Digital Logbook Authoring

  • Intuitive drag and drop no-code interface for authoring logbooks
  • Intuitive drag and drop no-code interface for creating procedures based on data logging SOPs
  • A library of most common data types used in logbooks e.g. pressure, temperature, date, time, etc.
  • Linking of logbooks to resources and resource classes

xMES Procedure Libraries

  • Enforced compliance with logbook entry linked to procedures mapped to SOPs
  • Ability to switch between manual data entry and getting data from IT and Control systems
  • Out of the box interface to SCADA, DCS, and Batch Control Systems
  • Ability to get data from Smart Sensors using MQTT interface

xMES Analytics & Reporting

Performix xMES Analytics & Reporting leverages all the data that is generated during the process of Logbook execution and produces more than 40 Analytics reports to give you insights into the performance of a single batch, and across batches.

  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements with ease and efficiency
  • Enable fast, data-driven management decision making
  • Obtain actionable insights for increasing productivity, efficiency, and quality
  • Out of the box compliance reports for
    • Production events
    • Materials
    • Equipment
    • Exceptions
    • User actions

Performix xMES Quality & Compliance

Performix xMES Quality & Compliance allows you to achieve your quality goals and gives you anytime audit readiness. It enables you to track manufacturing and quality control activities, giving you a digital trail to reference for analysis, improvement, and compliance purposes.

  • Right first time execution
  • Continuous improvement
  • Monitor critical parameters
  • Electronic signatures
  • Exception based review reports
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Case Study

Digital Logbook

A global generic pharmaceutical manufacturing company with products in therapeutic areas like Cardiology, HIV, Oncology, Gynaecology, Diabetes, Nephrology and Analgesics…

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