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Performix xMES Recipe Authoring


The cycle begins with the customers digitizing their paper-based Master Batch Records (MBRs) using the Performix xRecipe™ product.


xRecipe™ takes this sequential set of instructions, and converts it into a structured templatized, and parametrized, S88 based Master Batch Record (MBR), which is easy to document, visualize, modify, and it does this by using a fully graphical drag-and-drop user interface.

Manage Recipe Lifecycle

xRecipe™ maintains full version control and audit trail of any modifications to an MBR, and once released, synchronizes the MBR with SAP module. This ensures that when a Production Planning cycle is run, SAP will use the latest version of the MBR for creating the process order sent to the shop floor.

Single version of truth for Recipes/MBRs and Procedures

xRecipe™ is also used to create Work Procedures which are internal to the shop floor, and are not sent to SAP, e.g. a Weigh and Dispense Procedure, or a Cleaning Procedure. In this case, xRecipe is smart enough to understand that it is a Work Procedure, and sends it directly the the xMES Engine for execution, without involving SAP. However, such Work Procedures still consume materials and resources, and updates about them are still sent to SAP.

Performix xMes EBR

Performix Electronic Batch Record (EBR) Suite of Products enable our customers to digitize their paper-based recipes and procedures, automate their execution, and generate an Electronic Batch Record of the execution. The solution enforces regulatory compliance (21 CFR Part 11, cGMP and other guidelines), improves Operational Efficiency, and provides real time visibility of the status of manufacturing.

Only solution that leverages SAP Landscape

Streamlining deployment time and manufacturing visibility and control from the enterprise to the shop floor, while maintaining a single version of truth across xMES and SAP. The solution is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and adheres to cGMP guidelines.

Performix xMes EBR leverages SAP S4HANA for integration and intelligence and dynamically delivers key production information to plant personnel, and integrates with PP/PI, MII, MM, QM, and PM, to ensure that the plant personnel have a single window access to all SAP functionality.

As process orders are executed, the engine ensures that information such as phase level confirmations, material consumptions, weigh scale parameters, RFID/Bar Code scan detail and the completion of orders, is updated back into SAP, real-time. Thus, SAP always has the latest production status, which greatly improves the performance of its planning function.

These are just a few example integration points that allows Performix xMES EBR leverage the entire SAP landscape for manufacturing execution - from PP/PI, MII, MM, QM, and PM.

Performix xMES® Weigh and Dispense

Weigh and Dispense is a key process in the Batch Industry, since it significantly improves plant productivity. Performix Weigh and Dispense is a state-of-the-art solution, with an industry leading feature set, which facilitates regulatory compliance, enables error-proofing during execution, automatically generates all regulatory reports, and integrates in real time with SAP for inventory updates, and with shop floor weigh scales and label printers, to create a fully digitized and automated dispensing process. Performix Weigh and Dispense provides a Compliant and Streamlined solution with real time integration with SAP ECC and S/4HANA, and with plant floor weigh scales.

Performix xMES® Weigh and Dispense is a state-of-the-art solution, with an industry leading feature set

Provides for multiple weigh methods
Compliant with 21 CFR part 11 for eSignature and Records
Full electronic Lot traceability and Audit trail
Potency adjustment for APIs.
Weigh Scale and Calibration Management
Label printing and management
Container Management
Risk and Safety warning notification
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) management
Multi-Lingual (including Asian Language) support
Performix Analytics

Performix Analytics leverages all the data that is generated during the process of execution and produces more than 40 Analytics reports, which help us assess the performance of a single batch, and across batches.

Performix Analytics is the Systems Immutable Database, with Key Features that Facilitate Regulatory Compliance

Designed for meeting regulatory compliance requirements with ease and efficiency
Rich data structures to cater to data from multiple and diverse systems, including xMES® and other shop floor systems
Design to ease creation of Analytics reports to support fast management decision making, regarding quality of products, resulting in increased productivity and speed to market of products.
Fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11

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