Performix xRecipe™

Life Sciences Companies manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and formulations run a highly sensitive business. Any inaccuracy in the formulation of a drug can cost somebody’s life. This makes it very serious to have stringent quality and control measures in place. Increased regulatory compliance in the Life Sciences domain also hint at the same, thus making the need of a MES solution very evident for all pharmaceutical companies in the API and formulation business.

Performix xRecipe™ is off-the-shelf recipe management software for simplification of recipe deployment, optimization and execution on automated equipment in manufacturing operations. Performix xRecipe™ helps to manage more product variations, to increase operational efficiency and enforces product quality through increased process automation and repeatability.

Performix xRecipe™ approach standardizes recipe management, simplifying and speeding introduction of new products to automated production lines. It reduces the number of recipe systems and formats and establishes governance to secure consistent quality of the products.

The editing and management of Recipes within SAP is a tedious task. Typically, a process engineer must painstaking create, maintain, and modify recipes in several screens within SAP recipes in a process view. Creation or maintenance of recipes in this manner is time consuming and difficult.

Performix xRecipe™ provides a graphical, drag-and-drop user interface with a visual table, thus providing a full view of each of the workflows and resources required to complete manufacturing execution. An engineer can create a new recipe store it within SAP recipes, or, download existing recipes from SAP to edit more quickly and easily. All data is updated to the SAP PP/PI to allow planners the ability to create the manufacturing schedule. This enhances the usability of SAP PP/PI and simplifies the IT architecture required for the creation and modification of Recipes within SAP.

  • Leverages SAP Master Recipe Management
  • Graphical UI for Master Recipe Creation & to simplify Editing
  • Templates provided for Operations, Phases to capture Best Practices.
  • Direct Import/Export capability with SAP PP-PI  via B2MML or XML

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