Performix xMES ®

Performix xMES ® serves as the “execution engine” for orchestrating the completion of SAP Process Orders by Supervisors, Operators and Automation equipment on the plant floor. Performix xMES® Manufacturing Suite is the only solution that is designed to leverage Master Data, Equipment, Production Order and Personnel Information directly from SAP, in effect, streamlining deployment time and manufacturing visibility and control from the enterprise to the shop floor. The solution is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and adheres to cGMP guidelines. Performix xMES® leverages data from SAP MII for integration and intelligence and dynamically delivers key information to plant personnel to facilitate batch manufacturing execution.

As these processes are executed, the engine ensures that information such as phase level confirmations, material consumptions, weigh scale parameters, RFID/Bar Code scan detail and the completion of orders is updated real-time back into SAP. These are just a few example integration points that allows Performix xMES ® leverage the entire SAP landscape for manufacturing execution - from PP/PI, MII, MM, QM, and PM.

The Performix xMES ® Solution provides two User Interfaces (UI’s): The Operator UI and the Supervisor UI.

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