Performix xBatch™

The world regulatory institution such as the FDA defines the deployment of MES in Life Science Industries. The FDA regulators anticipate that the implementation of MES will allow companies to improve manufacturing processes, enforce quality and regulatory compliance and shorten time-to-production and time-to-market.

Performix xBatch™ ensures capturing critical information during the execution of a Process Order, such as batch details, material consumption, yield, scrap, resources used, deviations, recipes versions, etc. is a critical requirement for detailed batch analysis for achieving the “golden batch”.

All data points entered by the operator or passed by plant floor equipment and devices during execution of manufacturing process is stored in S88 format in Performix xBatch™. This information is directly integrated into SAP MII to feed Manufacturing Intelligence Dashboards and update manufacturing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as required by the business for better visibility and responsiveness.

Performix xBatch™ make certain efficient manufacturing through consolidating and optimizing the number of different manufacturing resources available, which includes equipment, products, people, & processes.

Performix xBatch™ accesses real-time data right from the manufacturing floor and integrate it across the enterprise & Delivers real-time information to SAP MII for manufacturing intelligence and operational excellence. It provides complete visibility of global batch manufacturing operations which is designed to collect, store and report on batch execution events. Performix xBatch™ enhanced digital signature functionality facilitates validation in FDA regulated environments.

Key Benefits of Performix xBatch™

  • Meet current and future regulatory compliance and audit requirements with ease
  • Consolidate data from multiple and diverse systems
  • Enabling fully informed management decision making
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving production consistency
  • Increasing speed to market of new products
  • Consolidate data from xMES and diverse shop floor systems
  • Supports ISA S88 standards which define the hierarchial recipe management and process segmentation frameworks which separate products from the processes that make them.
  • Designed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11
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