Performix xMES Weigh & Dispense ®

Weigh & Dispense software was often seen as an isolated system that might not deliver a real benefit to batch manufacturing plants that already have adequate procedures in place. As the number of batches increases, the human error and the cost of investigations into weight or material errors increases.

Performix xMES Weigh & Dispense® has proven its cost effectiveness and ability to eliminate error rates and costs. Performix xMES® Weigh and Dispense provides Life Science Manufacturers with an unprecedented level of control and visibility in one of the most critical steps in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Weigh & Dispense. Operators can use Performix xMES® Weigh & Dispense as the “execution engine” to ensure that information such as material consumptions, weigh scale parameters, calculations for potency adjustments, and e-signatures are all posted and stored to meet your regulatory EBR needs.

Performix xMES Weigh & Dispense® is highly configurable and rich in functionality, Life Science companies can finally meet a wide range of Weigh & Dispense needs including kitting, point-of-use verification of material QC status, and dispensing requirements for all raw and intermediate materials all by leveraging data directly from SAP ERP.

Key features of Performix xMES Weigh & Dispense®:

  • Compliant to 21 CFR Part 11 for Electronic Signatures & Records
  • Full Electronic Lot Traceability and Audit Trail
  • Potency & Density Management
  • Label Printing
  • Calibration Management
  • Risk and Safety Warning Notification
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirement’s
  • Multi-lingual support

Major benefits of Performix xMES Weigh & Dispense® include:

  • Complete verification of raw materials
  • Automatic generation of accurate documentation for each batch
  • Automatic alerts for deviations
  • Integration into SAP ERP
  • Seamless integration to electronic batch records for a single report output
  • Paperless Operations
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