Consumer Products

The impact of digital technology on consumer decisions has led to the necessity for consumer goods manufacturers to be more alert to the changing market and consumer demands. The Consumer Industry is facing the challenges due to changing consumer tastes, pending product market regulation; new packaging technologies, new formulations, expanding geographical markets, and the need to achieve profitable growth are all top of mind.

The consumer products industry, in the simplest term, consists of organizations that manufacture products that are used by the consumer. The Consumer Products Industry is facing challenges in

  • Changing Consumer Demands
  • Shrinking Operating Margins
  • Compliance and Regulatory Pressures
  • Globalizing Economy
  • Data Granularity and Visibility

Today’s consumers are leveraging digital technology to research products, compare prices, make purchases, and even provide feedback to peers and brands.


Performix xMES® allows consumer products companies to automate quality processes, and manage them. This ensures better visibility and collaboration throughout your company and with suppliers. It ensures compliance, efficiency, and safety.

Performix xMES® is configurable with its multilingual user interface supports touch screen and barcode scanning, making it quick and easy to integrate into a diversified workforce. Performix xMES® will help replace hand written logs and reports with real-time data while automating processes and eliminating errors. Performix xMES® Manufacturing Suite is the only MES solution that is designed to leverage SAP Master Data, Equipment, Production Order and Personnel Information directly from SAP, in effect, streamlining deployment time and manufacturing visibility and control from the enterprise to the shop floor.

Performix Consumer Products Solution Suite offers:

  • Performix xRecipe™: Graphical tool to manage recipes & Manufacturing Batch Records (MBR)
  • Performix xMES®: Engine to provides instructions and integration to the devices on the shop floor with flexibility to configure business logic
  • Performix xBatch™: All batch execution events history with Electronic Batch Record (EBR) and more than 30 out of the box reports
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