Chemical Industry faces three particular issues — business portfolio coherence, next-generation productivity, and digital transformation — will be at the top of your agenda.

In general, investment interest in the chemicals industry is surging because of an ongoing dynamic: consolidation around more coherent business portfolios. Over the past decade, leading chemicals companies have derived significant economic benefits from excellence initiatives segregated into individual corporate functions. Now, however, these initiatives have generally reached the point of diminishing returns, and have even become counterproductive as companies chase growth in a low-growth environment.

It has been a long time since the blockbuster breakthroughs in Digital transformation. It is not enough to simply continue with the current formula of paper-based work instruction and the lack of visibility from the enterprise to the shop floor. Room for improvement always exists and can often lead to considerable gains in customer service levels and increased margins.

Performix xMES® Solutions for Chemical Industry

Performix xMES® provides the transparency and efficacy required for the Chemical Plant. Performix xMES® provides efficacy, steadiness, security, and improvement in the quality of work in explosion-proof areas of chemical plants. Performix xMES® Manufacturing Suite is the only solution that is designed to leverage Master Data, Equipment, Production Order and Personnel Information directly from SAP, in effect, streamlining deployment time and manufacturing visibility and control from the enterprise to the shop floor.

Performix Chemical Solution Suite offers:

  • Performix xRecipe™: Graphical tool to manage recipes & Manufacturing Batch Records (MBR)
  • Performix xMES®: Engine to provides instructions and integration to the devices on the shop floor with flexibility to configure business logic
  • Performix xBatch™: All batch execution events history with Electronic Batch Record (EBR) and more than 30 out of the box reports
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